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The Sunnywood Collection, Inc. is the world leader in mineral specimen mounting with a staff that totals more than 40 years of experience. We have mounted over 10,000 mineral specimens since our inception 23 years ago. Our customers include many of the most important private collectors and dozens of mineral dealers.

Find out how we can help your collection or exhibit look even more spectacular.


I needed to take just a moment to rave about the custom mounting jobs you have done on minerals I have purchased from you AND on the minerals I had before I met you talented folks. The acrylic and wood bases are so tastefully crafted. They are elegant without being garish, they are informative without fighting with the mineral for attention. It is amazining to me how you are able to work with and place minerals which are enormous and those which are small with equal ease and composition. I can tell you take pride in finding the best viewing angle as you set the mineral in the form, it shows. You are a family of gifted artisans and it is a great priviledge to be your happy client, truly,
- Kathryn Pistor     
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